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Northpoint Catering                

The first question most people ask is


Pricing food or an event depends on a variety of factors such as:


Are we just preparing food and dropping it off or are we staffing the event




Cocktail, Buffet or Plated Dinner Services

Date of function ?

 Location ?

What you want on your menu ?

What are the kitchen facilities like?

Does the venue charge for allowing outside caterers in ?

What is the venue rental fee if any ?

What times will we be allowed to enter ?

When can the rentals be dropped off and picked up- VITAL ?

When must we be out by ?

Do you want the staff to set the tables

Can you provide your own alcohol with a SOP ?

Food to Go

We cook & drop off platters or trays of prepared hot / cold food , plates & cutlery (if requested) and you serve yourself


Cocktail Service

Guests are standing & items are served from trays with appropriate napkins. The Hor D'oeurves & Appetizers will be full flavoured foods , have withstood the test of time and are still being served despite changing food tends.

We incorporate and accommodate items for vegetarian, vegan and dietary restrictions where requested.

Types of products will include Crostini / cracker / flatbread based foods, puffs , tarts, spring rolls, bacon wrapped items. skewered meats/ veggies / cheeses or combinations of each, filled veggie cups, raw vegetable selection and or fruit cups and desserts.

original (1).jpg


Buffets are normally set up on long draped tables or separate station tables (antipasto, roast beef station, grilled veggie station, desert station)

Wait staff  may be stationed behind the tables where they serve the guests and explain any food concerns.

This is usually one of the most casual styles of meal service, or can be configured to extremely formal.

Menus can be created  that require a "fork only" offering if requested.  

original (2).jpg
original (3).jpg
original (4).jpg
original (5).jpg
original (6).jpg

Wedding Antipasto Bar to ... Deli Meat Station

Backyard BBQ to.............. Pig Roast 

Plated Dinning

The most elegant style of dinning, usually reserved for formal or private functions. This includes elegant seated  table settings and formal service with wine where required. 

original (7).jpg
original (8).jpg
original (9).jpg

From larger parties to........             Private intimate dinning

Casual seated dinning to...................... more formal settings

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